Kings of Dust - Tactical Card Game Battles

Kings of Dust is a tactical card game that has a dynamic playing field. Level up your Hero with class cards. Equip weapons and armor, and summon powerful minions to your side to reign destruction down on your opponent.

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Kings of Dust uses a dynamic spacing system. Each card counts as 1 space and all abilities and minion attacks have a range limitation.


It is Player 2’s turn, the Worm Knight can attack the Ashlander Battle Maiden that is 2 spaces away or the Ashlander Siege Turret that is 3 spaces away but it cannot reach the enemy Hero ,Warlord Kevlar. Kevlar is 4 Spaces away and out of the Worm Knight’s attack range.


Each player can have 1 Hero card and 2 Minion cards on the field at anytime(unless a card says otherwise). Each Hero can equip 2 pieces of Equipment in their equipment slots. Equipment slots are always to the left and right of your Hero card. If you move your Hero your equipment moves with it.


Who Goes First? – Flip a 5/10 Damage token, if it lands
on 10 the player that flipped goes first, if it lands on 5 the player
that flipped goes second.

Select Your Deck – Each player selects a Hero Deck. There are 4 Hero decks in the King of Dust base game. Find the Hero card and place it facing the enemy Hero card. Shuffle, the remaining cards and place the shuffled deck face

Draw up – The first player starts the game with 5 cards, the
second player starts with 6 cards. (In 3 or 4 player games, both
the third and fourth player starts with 7 cards.)

Start Your Turn – At the start of your turn, Draw a card from your
deck and get 3 action points. (Look at the back of a Hero card to
see free actions a player can take on their turn.)
Play Your Cards – Based on the card costs and action points
you have available, choose which cards to play and resolve any
damage or effects.

End Your Turn – After you have spent your action points, if you
can not make any other actions or generate more action poitns
your turn is over. Let the other player know your turn is over. The
next player will now start their turn. Players can not have more
than 7 cards in their hand when they end their turn. If you have
more than 7 You must choose to discard the extra cards. You
don’t get anything when discarding this way.

Discard Cost Cards – Although your turn is over you are not
out of the game. There are several cards that allow you to play
them during another player’s turn. Cards that can be played out of
turn have a discard cost instead of an action point cost. Any card
that has a discard cost and an action point cost can be played out
of turn by discarding cards. Minions are the only cards that can’t
be played out of turn even if they have a discard cost.