King Pixel Games

Kings of Dust in Development!

Kings of Dust is the newest tabletop card game in development by King Pixel Games. Scroll below to learn more about how this dynamic and exciting game is played.

Head to Head Tactical Card Game Battles!

Kings of Dust is a tactical card game that has a dynamic playing field. Level up your Hero with class cards. Class cards change the way your Hero is played and can turn the tide of battle. Equip stronger equipment and summon powerful minions to help you reign destruction down on your opponent. Learn more about how to play the game below.

Card Anatomy

Types of Cards

Kings of Dust has 5 types of cards, Hero cards, Ability Cards, Equipment cards, Minion Cards, and Class Cards.

Opponent Hero

Your Hero

Equipment Cards

Each Hero has 2 equipment slots. You can play offensive or defensive equipment cards here. Equipment cards change how your Hero’s Basic Attack Cards function.

Slot 1

Hero Card

Hero Cards represent your team commander on the battlefield. When your Hero’s HP is brought down to 0 you lose.

Slot 2

My favorite part of playing Kings of Dust is building up my Hero’s army.


Join the Fight!

Let us know if you would are interested in preordering the game or give us your thoughts on what you would like to see in the game. See you in the Arena!