KINGS OF DUST – Terms and Definitions

Minion Cards – Minion cards have a red sword icon which represents its Damage and a red heart icon to represent its Health Points.

ACTOIN POINT – The thunderbolt symbol that is used to play
cards, attack, and take other actions.

ARENA – The entire playing field consisting of all Heros, Minions,
Equipped items and cards in play.

ARMORED UNIT – A unit that has an equipped item that blocks

ATTACK – Any card, ability, or action that deals damage is sometimes
called an attack for short.

CARD LOCKED EQUIPMENT – When equipment is Card Locked.
Turn the item card over face down in the current equipment slot.
The Hero can no longer use the equipped item until the card is “Unlocked” by paying 3 action points on your turn.

DMG or Damage – When a Hero or minon takes damage, put a
damage token on the card for that much damage. When the
damage tokens is equal to or mor than the unit’s health point value,
the unit is destroyed.

DESTROY – Remove the destroyed equipment and place it in its
Hero’s discard pile.

DRAW PILE – Face down stack of cards players draw from.

DISCARD – Place the card in the Discard Pile

DISCARD (1) – Discarding the number of cards listed in the parenthasis,
when it isn’t your turn discarding cards allows you to play cards on your enemies turn

DISCARD PILE: Face up stack of cards where players put used
cards and discarded cards

DODGE: When a unit dodges they take no damage. Pircing
damage can be dodged.

EQUIP – Place an equipment card in your equip slot and gain the
card’s benefits.

HP – Health Points. When HP reaches 0 the character is put into the
Discard Pile.

MINION – Allied characters and equipment that have HP, take up
space, and can assist Heroes in combat.

ONCE PER TURN – This means that the action listed can take place
once on each of your turns and once on each enemy turn.

PIERCING Damage/DMG – Piercing DMG cannot be blocked
by equiped items, cards, or abilities that blocks damage

STUNNED – Stunned units cannot block, Dodge, or take any actions
but can still draw a card on their turn. Some cards stun effect is different and the stun effect will be explained on the card.

SUMMON – To call forth a Minion to help in battle

UNIT – Refers to any Hero, Minion, or object with HP